The Bowen Center staff is a caring, highly trained and culturally experienced group of psychologists, social workers, nurses, chemical dependency counselors, case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and early childhood teachers, who are fluent in Spanish and French.

The success of the Bowen Center is made possible by our tremendously talented, supportive and caring staff.

-Thomas Haggerty, Executive Director
Bowen Center staff

Full Staff Listing

Able House

Maritza Senecharles, MHS, CASAC

Resident Manager
Nereida Coronel

Pamela Cato, MA
Christopher Sellers, CASAC-T

Robert Fransecky

Adult Outpatient Clinic

Betsy Silverman-Hochhauser

Assistant Director
Maria McCoy, LCSW

Office Manager/Administrative Asst.
Diana Paulino

Joseph Charles, MD
Manuel Mosquera, MD
Amelia Ochakovsky Garcia, MD
Deepika Singh, MD

Jeffery Belford, LCSW
Alycia Cooksey, LCSW
Raymond Hall, LCSW-R
Charles Kellam, LCSW-R
Ines Mercedes-Alcantara, LCSW-R
Jessica Velez, MPH

Social Workers
Nneka Barnes-Williams, MHC-LP
Keith Brackett, LCSW-R
Cynthia Campos, LMSW
Carmen Coco Brazoban, LMSW
Melissa Croy, LMSW
Yanet Le La Cruz, LCSW
Nancy Eichengreen, LMSW
Dawn Jackson, MHC
Amarillis Laboy, MSW
Dana Ashli Lyttle, MSW
Julia Nourok, LMSW
Mark Roman, LMSW
Julissa Sanchez, LMSW
Mark Simon, LMHC
Adriana Torres, LMSW
Iris Ubidia, LMSW
Carmen Velez, MHC-LP
Paige Zeitz, LCSW

Nurse Practitioner
Michael Bolus, PNP
Jorge Medina, PNP
Linda Summers, PNP

Stephen Moore, RN

Care Management

Shameeka Marc, LMSW

Office Manager/Administrative Asst.
Julie Bowden

Assistant Director
Claribel Rodriguez, MSW

Monique Simpson
Oscar Andino, MBA
Sade Ali

Care Managers
Ramona Aguilo
Jackie Alcantara
Monique Austin
Maximo Calderon
Oryseell Cordero Santana
Sharon Brown-Gross
Karen Garcia
Jacqueline Guzman
Mayte Hernandez
Arthur Jenkins
Heidy LaJara
Agustin Placeres
Luisa Quiroz
Edwina Rivers
Adriana Rosario
Aaleyah Russell
Santiago Santiago
Adrian Tapia Gonzalez
Samir Toledo

Addiction Treatment Services

Director of Addiction Services

Program Director
Kristy Rodriguez, LMHC, CASAC

Substance Use Counselors
Karina Cornello, MSW-LP, CASAC-T
John E. Elio, CASAC-T
Ana Morel, CASAC-T
Leslie Morgan, CASAC
Gregory Patton, CASAC-T
Dominique Roach, CASAC-T
Pedro Roman, CASAC
Vilma Roman, CASAC-T
Nicole Santana, Medical Assistant
Tiffany Zephir, CASAC-T

Certified Recovery Peer Advocate
Stanley Williams
Desiree Rodriguez
Sam Underwood

Child & Adolescent

Michael Zaretsky, LCSW-R

Assistant Director
Lynette Miller-Volel, LCSW

Office Manager/Administrative Asst.
Alexandra Pagani

Manuel Mosquera, MD
Taiye Ogundipe, MD

Nurse Practitioner
Lindsey Wright, RN, NPP
Brian Thomasen, NPP


Social Workers
Julissa Briones, MSW
Jorge Castillo, MSW
Anthony Cianci, LCSW
Doris Diaz, LMSW
Eric Erickson, LCSW
Priscilla Fernandez, LMSW
Victor Figueroa, LMSW
Tiawanna George, MHC
Enahka Graham, LCSW
Lorwilb Loriano, LMSW
Aleksandr Lukhtman, LMSW
Lucy Macias, LMSW
Michael Navis, LCSW
Janice Rojas-Hurt, LCSW
Virginia Statler, LCSW
Kenyan Thornell, LMSW
Lior Shpizer-Daube, LMSW

Therapeutic Preschool

Trudy Murray, LMHC

Office Manager/Administrative Asst.
Heysha Brache

Educational Director

Assistant Director
Grace Lanour, MHC

Certified Teachers
Rosanna Nunez
Martha Soto
Heidi Zerlinger

Teacher Assistants
Antoinette Benton
Stephanie Castro
Cheryl Fuller
Elisha Ladany
Diamond Martin
Qiana Quick

Speech Pathologists
Kendra Bowman
Gloria Capone-Maher

Occupational Therapists
Jamen Armendariz
Stephanie Pina

Physical Therapist

Mental Health Counselors
Grace Lamour, MHC
Hillary Sussek, LMSW

Food Pantry


Rainbow Club

Barbara Mintz, MS, CTRS

Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor
Shammara Ausby, MS

Diana Deny, Certified Peer Specialist
Faustina Jordan, Part-Time Temporary Staff Generalist
Peter van Buren, Staff Generalist