Bowen Center on Harlem World’s Danny Tisdale Show


Bowen Center Board Chair Patricia C. Jordan on Harlem World’s Danny Tisdale Show

Patricia C. Jordan, Chairperson of Bowen’s Board of Directors, was interviewed earlier this month on the popular Danny Tisdale Show, to discuss the work and legacy of the Bowen Center’s founder, Mrs. Emma L. Bowen.

The interview was conducted in honor of Women’s History Month and features a lengthy discussion about the tremendous achievements of Emma Bowen both in the Harlem community and throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

I first met Ms Bowen, and was struck by her vision, struck by her passion, and also recognized that she never wanted anytning for herself. She was always trying to do the best for others, because she always cared that social justice was across the board.

Patricia C. Jordan on founder Emma L. Bowen

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