Growing Older, With Grace

Growing older gracefully, with family support and the opportunity for productive activities is truly a blessing. Unfortunately, millions of older Americans face the last years of their lives with major health issues, financial difficulties, lack of family or community support, isolation and the sense that they lack purpose.

Bowen services care management image

Our Care Management program, provides the support and linkages to services that are often lacking. Care Managers make home visits to ensure that the client’s home is clean and in proper order, that there is adequate food and that the client is keeping appointments with their Primary Caregivers as well as their Behavioral Health providers. Care Managers make sure that medication is being taken properly and prescriptions are filled in a timely fashion. The program can also make referrals to day programs that provide socialization and activities that stimulate cognition.

Care Managers also serve as advocates regarding benefits, entitlements, negotiating with landlords, and providing emergency assistance for clothing, furniture, appliances and unpaid bills. To the extent possible, the client decides what their needs are and, together with the Care Manager, formulates a care plan for enabling them to function at their highest capacity. We may not be “real” family, but our caring and encouragement make us the closest thing to it.

For more information contact our Care Management Program at (212) 694-3500.